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Level 1 (from

ABC's - A good site for learning the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that they make.

Alphabet Action - The students learn the letters of the alphabet. Excellent for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten students.

Alphabet Fun - Learn some words that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

Alphabet Game - Match upper case and lower case letters of the alphabet.

Clifford the Big Red Dog - This site is full of activities, games, stories, crafts, colouring pages, and more for the students.

How Many?? - Count how many in this fun animated game.

Michelle Morley's ELA Sites 

Michelle Morley's Math Sites 

Kinderweb - Educational Children's Games - Excellent games for students in the areas of colours, animals, and shapes.

Literacy Center - At this site the students do activities to learn and practise their letters, shapes, numbers, colours, printing, and spelling.

Prongo - Ages 3-6 - There are six fun games and activities.

Sesame Street - This site contains all kinds of learning activities and games.

The Counting Game - Count the number of objects.

The Learning Planet - 1 - There are six fun games at this site in the subject areas of Math and Language Arts.





Level 2 (from

Bob the Builder - Fun activities and games.

Clifford's Online Stories - Read with Clifford and enjoy his stories online.

Clifford's Phonics Fun - Phonics fun for early readers.

Clockwise - The students have to move the hands on the clock to make the correct time.

Count Your Chickens - Count how many of each.

Fishy Count - Get ready to count those fish! Count the fish shown, then click on the shell with the correct number. This game has 10 questions.

Michelle Morley's ELA Sites1 

Michelle Morley's Math Sites1 

Michelle Morley's ELA Sites2 

Michelle Morley's Math Sites2 

Ten Frames - Practice using a ten frame.

The Learning Planet - 2 - There are five fun games at this site in the subject areas of Math and Language Arts.

The Little Animals Activity Center - Math - There are questions here in addition and subtraction.

The Little Animals Activity Center - Phonics - At this site there are questions on beginning sounds, ending sounds, and rhyming words.

The Magic Key Adventures - Here you will find activities that practise and reinforce phonics and grammar skills. For each activity on this site there is an accompanying worksheet that can be printed off.

The Magic School Bus - This site has games, science activities, and information on science themes for students.

Tumble Books - Listen and read along to a great selection of children's books online.

Words and Pictures - This site is full of games and activities in the area of Phonics.





Level 3 (from

Animal Adaptations Web Quest - This is an exciting web quest where we explore the adaptations of different animals.

Canada Webquest - This is an exciting webquest about Canada.

Canadian Symbols - This site contains information needed for the Grade Three Scavenger Hunt.

Endangered Animals Web Quest - This is a field trip to the American Museum of Natural History Endangered Animals Exhibit.

Google Image Search - Find pictures of your animal for your endangered species report.

Grade 3 - GSSD - Michelle Morley's ELA Sites - Here you will find many websites for all subjects.

Grade 3 - GSSD - Michelle Morley's Math Sites - Here you will find many for all subjects.

NASA's Solar System Exploration - Find out the latest news on the planets from NASA.

Planet WebQuest - Science and Resource-based Learning Assignment.

Research #1 - National Geographic Animals

Research #2 - Ask Mrs. Mitschke to help you navigate to the animal information.

The Legend of Captain Dave's Lost Treasure - For those brave enough to discover Captain Dave's Map, a special prize lays hidden at the far end of a twisting path.

The Nine Planets - Check out this site to see some excellent graphics.

The Planets from Enchanted Learning - Try this site first.






Level 4 (from

Comparing Native American Tribes - Use the following site to help you learn more about several Native American Tribes.

Cybersense and Nonsense - This is the second adventure of the Three CyberPigs.

Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan - This is your link to everything Saskatchewan!

Fun With Music - This is an interesting voyage into the world of music.

Fur Trading Fort Construction Activity Sheet -

Government of Saskatchewan - This is the official site of the Saskatchewan Government.

Grade 4 - GSSD - Michelle Morley's ELA Sites - Here you will find many websites that complement the units and objectives from the Saskatchewan curriculum for all subjects.

Grade 4 - GSSD - Michelle Morley's Math Sites - Here you will find many websites that complement the units and objectives from the Saskatchewan curriculum for all subjects.

Meet Judy Blume - Learn all about the author, Judy Blume. This is an author study to be used by the Grade Fours.

MyLibrary - Use this site to access the encyclopedias and online databases.

MySask - Use this site to connect to the telephone directory or get news about Saskatchewan.

Online Database - There is a wealth of information on our online databases from magazines, newspapers and reference books.

Online Dictionary - Try out your dictionary skills -- online!

Printable Greeting Cards - Customize a printable greeting card.

Privacy Playground - Use this site to learn about good internet habits.

Shipwreck Island Adventure - Just read the message in the bottle and journey to five islands to solve the mystery.

The Beverly Cleary Homepage - The World of Beverly Cleary

Voyageurs Activity Sheet -

York Factory Activity Sheet -





Other Great Sites

AAA Math - Practice your math skills at this site.

Digger and the Gang - This site has many games and activities in Language Arts, Math, and Science. They are divided into three age categories - Ages 5-7, Ages 7-9, and Ages 9-11. A good site for students from Kindergarten up to Grade Five.

Disney Channel - This site is full of games that you can play just for fun based on all your favorite TV shows and cartoons from the Disney Channel.

Fun Brain - Many educational games and activities in many different subject areas for students from Kindergarten to Grade Eight are found here.

Fun School - Many activities and games for students from Preschool to Grade Six are found here.

Jayzee Bear - This site has many fun activities and games for students from Prekindergarten to Grade Four.

Kids Against Bullying - This site shows you what to do when you are confronted by a bully.

Kids Psych - Fun activities for children aged one to nine are found here.

Learn to Read Activities - This site has many activities and games ranging from learning the letter sounds to reading stories and sentences from an early beginning level up to an advanced reading level. Excellent for students from Kindergarten to Grade Three.

Matching Time - This is really the classic game of Concentration with three levels of difficulty. It is good for students from Grade One to Grade Four.

Number Time - Here you will find six Math games that are suitable for students from Prekindergarten to Grade Three.

PBS Kids - This site if full of games, activities, and colouring pages from all your favorite shows on the PBS Channel.

Play Kids Games - This site has games for students in Kindergarten to Grade Six. They include Math games, Alphabet games, Vocabulary games, Memory games, and Geography puzzles.

Primary Games - This site is full of games and activities for students from Preschool to Grade Four in the subject areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social. There is also a table which lists the objectives for these subjects and the games that fit with those objectives.

Printable Crafts For Kids - This is a great sight for making cards and crafts for all occasions.

Prongo - Ages 6-9 - There are many fun games, activities, and puzzles at this site specifically aimed at the students from Grade One to Grade Four.

Spellbound - At this site you will spell words correctly. It has three levels of difficulty and is a great site for students from Grade One to Grade Four.

Spelling with the Spellits - Solve three challenges by spelling words correctly. Specific spelling rules are taught first before you begin. A great spelling site for Grades Three and Four.

That Quiz - Math test activities.

The Kidz Page - There are countless games and activities for the students to do. These include online arcade games, strategy brain games, word games, memory games, board games, printable games, educational and learning games, jigsaw puzzles, sliding puzzles, crossword puzzles, colouring pages, and clip art.








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