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Integrating Technology into the Elementary Classroom

This site is dedicated to exploring and disseminating information about why, when, and how we can integrate technology into our elementary classrooms. The site provides both theoretical and practical support for students and educators. It is my belief that teachers and students integrate technology into the learning environment together, potentially learning from each other's experiences. Before continuing, you may want to visit the site's Tour Guide for a brief discussion on the site's purpose, themes and sections, and navigation design.

This website has four main purposes for others: 1) a space for me explore using technology in my classroom, 2) to support my students' learning, 3) to provide my parents with access to what their children are learning and to provide ways to help their children learn, and 4) to excite other teachers to envision how they might be able to use technology in a new way in their own classrooms.

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My link (Mrs. French) contains links to my own learning: i.e. reflections on course work, thinking through planning, creating new structures, and planning for my own future professional development. This section will change and grow continually. For information about me or about contacting me, please visit a brief introduction to "Who I Am".


The “Students” link provides tools and resources specifically written and designed for young learners. Students will find tutorials, web sites and a variety of materials to support their use of technology in their learning.


The “Educators” link provides tools and resources specifically for educators: i.e. Technology Quick-Fixes, web sites, research, and planning aids.


The “Parents” link provides classroom information, homework assignments and helpful links to assist parents to support their children's progress online.


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