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Board Members

The Board of Education November 2018 to November 2022:


L to R:  Nadine Frenkel, Rick Pooley, Nyree Hazelton, Cheryl Peterson, Sarah John, Steve Davis, Dave Christie


Board of Trustees – Nechako Lakes School District

Nadine Frenkel, Chair, Vanderhoof
Dave Christie, Vice Chair, Fraser Lake
Steve Davis, Trustee, Burns Lake – Decker Lake – Granisle
Rick Pooley, Trustee, Burns Lake
Nyree Hazelton, Trustee, Burns Lake / Southside
Cheryl Peterson, Trustee, Fort St. James & Area
Sarah John, Trustee, Vanderhoof

For further information about Board Members and the committees they are involved with, please check back here in mid December 2018.

The Board of Education believes that:

  • All individuals can learn;
  • Each individual has a responsibility to contribute to his / her own learning;
  • People must be treated with dignity and respect;
  • The success of learners is enhanced by a partnership of family, school and community;
  • High expectations help individuals and organizations thrive;
  • Diverse cultures working together build strength;
  • Relevant programs, services and teaching enhance learning;
  • Decisions must be made in the best interest of learners;
  • Programs and services should be delivered effectively and efficiently;
  • Highly skilled employees are essential;
  • Open communication and ethical decision-making build trust and understanding;
  • All individuals need to feel connected through a sense of belonging;
  • Education is more than academics;
  • All facilities should be safe and welcoming;
  • We must accept our students as unique learners and work with them to address their individual needs;
  • In creating work environments where employees value their work and know their work is valued; and
  • First Nation culture needs to be an integral part of our school community.


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