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Please check back frequently as times and routes may change due to ridership changes as we start our new school year.
Bus Routes 2022/2023
Updated Friday Sept 2/2022

Local Temperature at Bus Garage

Burns Lake and area

Bus Registration & Information

For more bus information or to register for busing, contact your local bus garage: Transportation Manager: Brenda Rivett
Ph: 250 567 9618   Fax: 250 567 4572

Burns Lake

Transportation Coordinator: Cameron MacLellan
Ph: 250 692 3130   Fax: 250 692 4253
Cell: 250 692 9266

Fort St. James

Transportation Coordinator: Frances Honeywell
Ph: 250 996 7835    Fax: 250 996 8153
Cell: 250 996 3955

Fraser Lake

Transportation Coordinator: Lisa Barnes
Ph: 250 699 6995    Fax: 250 699 6157
Cell: 250 699 1201


Transportation Coordinator: Krista Hansen 
Ph: 250 567 9618    Fax: 250 567 4572
Cell : 250 570 2679

School Bus Safety Resources

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School Bus Information and Safety

School district 91 operates and maintains a large fleet of buses for student transportation. Each day our buses travel approx 4000km on main highways and sideroads across one of the largest geographical district in the province.
School buses in SD91 are available who live out of the walk limits of our schools. Over the past decade, several districts in BC charge parents hundreds of dollars to ride their buses. 

The Board of Trustees provides for and defrays the cost of the conveyance to and from any school in the school district for students residing a considerable distance from the school. Riding the school bus is considered a privilege, not a right. We are a transportation service and as such are required to adhere to restrictions governing passenger compartment luggage as laid out in the Motor Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle Acts. As a result, there are certain items, which are not allowed on the bus. Some of these are: skis, hockey sticks, baseball bats, skate boards, etc. Your driver determines what is safe.

In cold winter conditions, every effort will be made to provide transportation to and from school. Buses will endeavor to continue on schedule as long as it is safe to do so, considering the temperature, road conditions, etc. Should any run be canceled or delayed, notification will be given via Facebook, the School District Website, School Messenger messaging service and the local radio stations as soon as possible. In cold weather months,  please ensure that they are dressed accordingly.

Courtesy riders are not permitted on different bus routes. This practice was discontinued in the fall of the 2018 school year. 

These rules apply to all students traveling to and from school by school bus:

  1. The driver is in charge of ensuring the safety of everyone.
  2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.
  4. Talk quietly, using appropriate language.
  5. Smoking, drugs, and alcohol are prohibited.
  6. Unregistered students are not allowed on buses. 

Safety rules to observe when your child boards or gets off the bus:

Always – wait for the driver’s signal to proceed before crossing any roadway.
Always – cross in front of the bus, never go behind it.
Always – look both ways before crossing the road.
Always – think safety.

We would like to ask you, as a parent, to go over these rules with your child and emphasize the importance of good behavior.

Please STOP for school buses displaying flashing red lights and/or extended stop arm.