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Facilities Department – Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Facilities Department  2016/17


Facilities Department – Vision Statement

The Facilities Department is committed to providing a safe, clean and comfortable learning environment for our district’s students and staff. The Facilities Department will continue to be responsive to the evolving learning methods by continually adapting our learning environment.


Facilities Department – Core Purpose & Values

  • Value the diversity of our staff and students
  • Adopt a customer-first service approach
  • Promote continual professional and personnel growth of our staff
  • Participate in the advancement of education services to our schools, staff and students
  • Function efficiently within financial and operating parameters



The Facilities Department will pursue four key areas of continual improvement:

  1. Supporting the development and growth of our employees

  2. Ensuring the health and safety of our staff, students and facilities
  3. Continually seek to improve our Customer Service performance
  4. Continue to identify operation and cost efficiencies


Facilities Department – Goals & Actions


Goal #1          Supporting the Development and Growth of our Employees
Action #1         Identify training opportunities for employees
Action #2         Working together on group projects, ie. Keying, lighting, flooring
Action #3         Schedule district-wide meetings, events


Goal #2         Ensuring the Health and Safety of our Staff, Students and Facilities
Action #1         Continue to audit and update our Safety Program
Action #2         Continue to ensure staff are trained in their  appropriate areas
Action #3         Establish more transparent reporting of abatement projects


Goal #3          Continually seeking to improve our Customer Service Performance
Action #1         Ensure we respond in a timely manner to priority requests
Action #2         Follow-up on work order requests and level of satisfaction
Action #3         Continue to improvement work order system


Goal #4          Continue to identify Operation and Cost Efficiency
Action #1         Continue to monitor and analyze monthly spending against benchmark metrics
Action #2         Collaborate with schools to identity efficiencies
Action #3         Identify efficiencies through the work order system


Table of Contents

  1. Energy Conservation Program
  2. 21st Century School Projects
  3. Babine Revitalization Project (COMING SOON)
  4. Safety Procedures for Maintenance Staff
  5. Request for Proposals
  6. Custodial Services
  7. Maintenance Safety Program Manual