FreshGrade in Nechako Lakes School District


Communicating student learning through Digital portfolios

Research continues to show the best way to support children’s learning is to provide meaningful, timely and ongoing feedback as they learn. It’s also well established that parent involvement and support promotes student success.
Our school district supports and encourages schools and teachers to explore more meaningful and informative ways to assess, report and communicate student learning. Timely sharing with parents helps to keep them connected to their child’s classroom and offer support and encouragement as needed.
We have teachers across our district using FreshGrade, an online portfolio created specifically to allow teachers to share student’s learning continually throughout the school year. Students also have the ability to share their learning both within and outside of the classroom with their teacher.
Using a computer, tablet or smart phone, parents can also access their child’s work and information about his or her progress at any time, rather than waiting for a report card to be issued. This allows you to open up discussions about what your child did at school on any day.
The information parents receive in “real time” include informal notes, pictures or links to video or audio. Initially, you will receive these updates via email. Later, you will have access to your child’s password-protected learning portfolio and will be notified when new items are uploaded. The majority of our classrooms are currently using FreshGrade as a portfolio tool to collect samples of student learning, however we do have a smaller number of classrooms participating in a assessment – reporting project where FreshGrade portfolios are replacing the traditional report card.
Parents will be able to comment on student progress and provide support and reinforcement for their child’s learning and efforts. Your child’s account remains with them year-to-year and is transferable to new schools in B.C. FreshGrade will replace paper reports for your child; he or she will receive a printable summary report at the end of the school year.
Here is a short video highlighting the experience of students, parents and a primary teacher using FreshGrade within our school district:
More information on FreshGrade, including videos can be found at under the “Parent” tab.