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FESL - Transitions

Grade to Grade Transitions & School Completion Data
9-10 Trans 
10 - 11 Trans 
11 - 12 Trans
5 Yr Comp Stan Sch
5 Yr comp non-stand sch
What does the data tell us?
  • Students are transitioning at high levels (98%) from grades 9 to 10  and then again from 10 to 11 (95%).  The small decline in all groups in the 2018/29 school year is noticeable with no discernable reason.
  • We are hovering in the 86% range for students transitioning from grade 11 to 12, approximately 7 % below the provincial average.  
  • The gap in transition rates between Indigenous and Diverse learners continues to exist although there are some years where the gap is inversed
  • Due to the large enrolment of students from across the province into EBUS Academy, we are displaying 5 year completion data separately for our ‘standard’ schools (FSJSS, NVSS, FLESS and LDSS) and for our non-standard schools (alternate schools and EBUS Academy).  As EBUS cross enrolls many students who are not on track to a 5-year completion, their completion rates are significantly below that of our standard schools but in line with similar distributed learning schools within the province.  
  • The 5-year completion rate at our four standard schools is typically above the provincial average but continue to show a discrepancy for our Indigenous students.
  • Our completion data for our Alternate Schools requires a closer look.
Our Response to Data
  • The Ministry data for our alternate schools leaves us with many questions and so we have added an Alternate School review to our 2021 – 22 work plans to better understand both the strengths and potential improvements needed for our alternate learners.
  • Continue to implement our strategies associated with our Equity Scan to increase school completion rates for all our students while decreasing the inequities observed for our Indigenous, Children in Care, and students with diverse abilities.