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FESL - Human and Social Development

Student Learning Survey Data (grades 4, 7, 10 & 12)
SLS - Feel Safe
SLS - Welcome
SLS - Belonging
SLS _ Caring Adults
OurSCHOOL Survey
As part of our Strategic Plan objectives, our high schools have committed to using the OurSCHOOL Survey from The Learning Bar for the duration of our current Strategic Plan. Although there is a variety of data that is available through the survey, including customizable questions for high schools, we have selected just a few data sets emerging from the Spring 2021 survey.
Anxiety - OR 
Belonging - OS 
Self Esteem - OS
Interested - OS
What does the data tell us?
  • All four questions in the Student Learning Survey related to student wellness show either no change or a slight declining trend.  
  • Over 50% of our students in grades 4, 7, 10 and 12 indicate they do feel like they ‘belong in school’  while the provincial average hovers just under 50%.  This data aligns with the results from our secondary students in the OurSchool survey which indicates that our gap with the Canadian norm is increasing.  
  • Although between 57 – 67% of our student indicate that they feel welcome and that two or more adults care for them, this doesn’t seem to translate into a sense of belonging which needs to be examined.  
  • 1 of 3  students in grades 4,7,10 & 12 indicate they do not feel welcome in our schools nor can they affirm that 2 or more adults care for them.
  • Students sense of adults who care about them has been decreasing both in our school district and provincially with our Indigenous students showing a noticeable gap compared to all students.
  • The ‘Sense of Belonging’ data from the OurSchool survey is approximately 20% higher than the responses from grade 10 and 12 students in the Student Learning Survey.
  • SD 91 high school students are experiencing anxiety at just above the Canadian norm.
  • High school students are responding just below the Canadian Norm when asked about their self-esteem.
  • Interest and / or motivation towards school seems to decrease as you progress through the secondary grades both within our school district and nationally.
  • SD 91 students’ sense of self esteem is both lower and widening when compared to the Canadian norm.

Our Response to Data
  • A focus on Social Emotional Learning is a key goal within our Strategic Plan.  Ensuring that we continue to work around increasing the sense of belonging for every student is important and critical work.  We were concerned with student mental health prior to the COVID context and the past 18 months have only exacerbated issues with student mental health across our region.
  • Sharing our data with communities and partner agencies will be important in advocating for additional supports for our students.
  • Collaborating with our schools to strategize and implement evidence informed ways to increase student belonging will be a priority for the 2021 – 23 school years.
  • Supporting schools to ensure they are welcoming to the diversity of learners we serve which includes our LGBTQ2+ and Indigenous learners and their families.  This work includes supporting our SOGI school leads and continuing our understanding of decolonization.
  • Collaborating with schools to determine how to specifically demonstrate adult caring for all students will be a district wide priority.
  • Collaborate with the SD 91 Inclusive Education team to help create a school support workplan specific to increasing students sense of belonging in our schools will be a priority for the 2021 – 22 school year.
  • Collaborate with our Student Voice leadership group to hear directly from students as to their thoughts on this data set.