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Information Technology

SD 91 Purpose of Educational Technology

The Information Services Department exists to support education and learning. In order to encourage the appropriate use of technology in instruction we strive to maintain systems that teachers can rely upon. We hope to provide educators with an environment that will encourage them to employ new and appropriate technology to enhance student learning. We hope that learners will develop a sense of engagement that will allow them to construct meaning from facts and demonstrate their learning to others.

SD 91 Vision of Educational Technology

School District 91 (Nechako Lakes) is committed to preparing students to succeed in an increasingly complex information society. We believe technology provides effective and appropriate assistance to learners as they achieve their personal, educational and workplace goals. Both learners and teachers can use technological tools to enhance the way schools operate by supporting change, improving teaching, engaging students in their learning and providing meaningful real-world interactions.

The TECH team provides technology and information services and support to teachers, staff and learners throughout the District in such areas as:

  • Supporting Learning in the Classroom
  • Data Collection and Information Management
  • Innovative Business Practices and Analytical Information Systems
  • Student Verified Learning Systems
  • Distance Learning Opportunities

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