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Updated K-12 Student Reporting Policy for the 2023-2024 School Year


The Ministry of Education and Child Care is revamping its K-12 student reporting policy, starting from the 2023-2024 academic year. This will modify the way schools convey learning progress to students and parents through what was formerly known as report cards and interim reports.

The objectives of sharing student learning information are to ensure that communication between home and school is effective and timely, so that:

  • Parents are well informed about their child's progress;
  • Students receive meaningful information that helps them improve their learning;
  • Parents participate as partners in discussing their child's progress and optimal ways to support and enhance learning

What Remains the Same

  • Five learning communication instances: 3 written and 2 in a flexible format
  • Written descriptive feedback and accompanying scale or letter grade/percentage
  • Letter grades and percentages for Grades 10-12

What's Changing

  • Student reporting practices aligning with B.C.'s curriculum and provincial assessment system
  • Provincial Proficiency Scale for Grades K-9
  • Graduation status updates for Grades 10-12
  • Student self-assessment of Core Competencies and goal setting in all grades within the 3 written reports
  • Changing the "I" reporting symbol to "IE" to signify "insufficient evidence" of learning rather than "incomplete" learning
  • All students, including those with disabilities or diverse abilities, will receive regular learning communications like their peers in other programs.

Student Self-Assessment of Core Competencies

Core competencies encompass intellectual, personal, and social-emotional skills that all students need to cultivate for deeper lifelong learning. The aim is for students to apply core competencies across all aspects of their lives.

Core Competencies

K-9 Proficiency Scale

The revised Provincial Proficiency Scale offers students and parents/guardians a transparent understanding of the student's current abilities and areas for growth. This scale will replace percentages and letter grades for kindergarten to Grade 9. The scale provides strength-based descriptive feedback to communicate student progress and identify subsequent steps to support learning.


The Emerging (EMG) - Developing (DEV) - Proficient (PRF) - Extending (EXT) scale is already employed in the Provincial Assessments for Grades 4, 7, 10, and 12. The Proficiency Scale will be utilized in learning updates and summaries of learning (formerly known as report cards) starting in the 2023-2024 academic year.


Official Ministry Verison




Common Language Version for Parents/Guardians and Students

Parent scale

Strength-Based Feedback

The feedback received through the provincial proficiency scale will be enhanced by strength-based written feedback. Using a strength-based approach, all written descriptive comments will outline students' strengths (what they know, do, and understand), areas for improvement/development, and specific steps to progress concerning grade-level learning standards.


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