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School Calendar

Section 87.01 (7) of the School Act requires consultation on school calendars and the Regulation sets out the parameters for that consultation. A board must make public a proposed school calendar one month before submitting it to the ministry. During the consultation period, a board must provide parents and board employees the opportunity to comment on the proposed calendar.

In March 2018, the Board of Education approved the 2020-2021 calendar which has now been added to the Approved School Calendars below and will be submitted to the Ministry of Education.    Please note that school calendars are subject to change.  If a change in calendar is required, it will be done according to the calendar amendment process.

In February 2018, the provincial government changed dates for the Family Day holiday  beginning in February 2019.  That change is reflected in the approved calendars below.


Approved School Calendars

Below are PDF files of the approved school calendars.  Professional development dates may change as events are finalized.